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A must-go in Ghent: Julie’s House

Julie's House is one of my favourite tea and cake spots in Ghent. I’m grateful that I’ve been here many times. We need to think more about supporting local businesses, and this one sells cake, so what’s not to love?

It is a staple when visiting Ghent; otherwise, you miss out big time. This lovely spot serves breakfast, afternoon tea from Friday to Sunday, and various treats.

Make sure to visit Kraanlei 13, where you can eat in whilst Kon. Elisabethlaan 26 is their takeaway shop.

For any Belgians out there, they also deliver right to your door. This opportunity arose because of covid, and they have been doing it ever since. Order in advance if you ever have a party or gathering at home. Also, check when they can make deliveries to your city/village because it depends on the distance from Ghent.

Julie’s House is an oasis for people who need to treat themselves, catch up with friends or family, or do some work—their menu changes occasionally to incorporate ingredients that are in season.

Make sure to check it out when visiting Belgium:

With love, Marie

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