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A must-visit in England: York

I had the pleasure of visiting York earlier this year and was pleasantly surprised. I had heard of the city before but didn’t have any expectations before my visit.

It’s a lovely city, a maze of little alleyways and cobbled streets filled with independent shops, pubs, food and a local atmosphere.

One of the city's highlights is York Minster, with a statue of her late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II as one of the most recent additions (picture number three). This cathedral is one of the world's most magnificent; it’s a vision of heaven on earth crafted in stained glass and stone.

This sacred place has been drawing people in for years, yet its story stretches back nearly 2,000 years to the birth of modern-day Christianity in Roman York.

If you are visiting England and you’re near York, don’t even hesitate to visit this amazing city:

With love, Marie

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