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A must-visit in Watford: The Florist Bar & Restaurant

Last year, my amazing friend Julie introduced me to The Florist Bar & Restaurant in Watford, and I have to say, let the images speak for themselves. The food was divine, and the setting was pretty and casual.

Their philosophy is to charm each of the senses by using the fundamental principles of floristry, and they do that by offering an array of culinary delights and fragrant cocktails.

They have a delightful brunch menu: a build-your-own brunch board by picking out five items for £15.95, a good deal. Even though I haven’t had the pleasure to sample their Sunday roast, I can only imagine it has to be delicious.

Their cocktail menu is divided into a floral section with different types of flowers and a classic twist section offering a new take on some well-loved cocktail staples. No need to worry if you prefer a mocktail; they’ve also got you covered.

A fun fact is that their bar and outside terrace areas are dog friendly, in case you’re visiting with your furry friend.

Make sure to check it out if you are planning a trip to Watford:

With love, Marie

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