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A must when staying in London: Treehouse Hotel

London is one of those cities with an overflow of places to stay, from hotels to apartments to hostels; where do you even start? Today I want to give you a hotel suggestion, mainly Treehouse London. Unfortunately, I haven’t had the pleasure of staying there, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to.

Treehouse London is the perfect location to stay when exploring London. Closely located to the city’s iconic shopping streets, such as Bond Street and Oxford Street. The rooftop oasis here offers picture-perfect views of iconic landmarks such as the London Eye and the Shard.

All bedrooms make it feel like you are staying in a treehouse with bay windows overlooking London’s skyline. Here cosy, welcoming and colourful are key.

Check out the Nest, where this rooftop bar offers spectacular 360-degree views over the city. Your treehouse dreams will come to life while sipping coffee in the Backyard. And indulge at Madera, where reimagined Mexican cuisine pairs bold flavours with organic ingredients.

Make sure to check it out if you’re planning a visit to London:

With love, Marie

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