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A must when visiting London: Imperial War Museum

A national museum spread over 5 locations in England, with three of them in London, is the IWM or Imperial War Museums.

In 1917 the Imperial War Museum was founded, and the intention was to record the military and civil war effort and the sacrifice of the UK and its Empire during WWI.

Since then, the museum has expanded to include all conflicts involving British and Commonwealth forces since 1914. In 2012 the IWM set a new goal: ‘to provide for and encourage the study and understanding of modern war and wartime experience history.

One of the eye-catchers at the museum is outside before you even get the chance to go inside. There are two 15-inch guns; the left one belongs to HMS Ramillies, mounted in 1916. The one on the right-hand side belonged to HMS Resolution, mounted from 1915 to 1938.

This museum is a free admission must-see, even for people not particularly interested in history.

With love, Marie

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