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A must when visiting London: The Warner Bros Studio Tour

One of my favourite places to immerse myself and forget about the real world for a second is The Warner Bros Studio Tour.

My last visit here was in June 2022 with my good friend Julie during Magical Mischief, where the spotlight shines on filmmaker trickery, magical pranks and wizarding mishaps.

It was her first visit, and I loved seeing the magic brought to life right before her very eyes. It is a fantastic experience to share with friends or family, especially ones who adore the Wizarding World. You will be able to see the sets used in the Harry Potter films and details regarding wardrobe, props, and so much more.

Tickets aren’t cheap, but it is worth the splurge. Also, keep an eye out for which events are on at the time you’d like to go. There are different ones, from Dark Arts to Hogwarts in the Snow.

I won’t go too much into the sets because there needs to be some mystery left for people who haven’t been.

My top tips for a visit:

  • Have lunch or dinner at the Studios; I remember we had a pie, and it was glorious. I know the picture does not look appetising, but it was terrific.

  • Take the bus from Watford Junction to the Studios. The bus fare is included in your entry ticket.

  • Try a Butterbeer if you want to. It is sickly sweet, but it adds character to your visit. You can buy one of the reusable cups you can rinse and bring home as a souvenir.

With love, Marie

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