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My positive affirmations for a new week

Monday is one of those days that fill you with dread on Sunday evening when you wonder where the weekend went.

I’m trying to put a more positive spin on today by sharing my affirmations which you can apply to the rest of the week.

- Today is a fight, and I embrace it with positivity.

- I embrace the fresh starts and new beginnings that Monday offers.

- This day is filled with limitless potential, and so am I.

- No matter what happens, I will be my best self today.

- This day belongs to me.

- Today might not be perfect, but it will be beautiful.

If your situation allows, it helps if you take a moment to say them out loud.

Feel free to adapt these to your personal needs this week, and don’t forget to love yourself even when you don’t feel like it.

With love, Marie

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