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My thoughts on March

I cannot believe it is April already, time seems to fly by. I do hope that we’ll have a lovely Spring this year, filled with bird song and pops of colour.

I’m taking this day to reflect on last month to help me see what I’ve enjoyed and what I’ve been grateful for.

I started reading a lot more, this might seem silly to some of you but I have a more peaceful mind whenever I take time to read. It’s a moment to get lost in another world and being able to switch off once in a while is desperately needed in today’s world.

My favourite book that I read last month was Murder at the Fitzwilliam by Jim Eldridge. Not the most soothing genre but a great read nonetheless. Filled with suspense, a bit of history and of course, a touch of love.

I travelled around England, and I feel so grateful to have been able to do so. It was something that went hand in hand with the decision to become self-employed. I’m grateful to everyone who believed in me and who supports me to this day. I was lucky enough to get in touch with a current client who sells tours of the UK and they were kind enough to let me spend some time there, since England is where they’re based.

I saw one of my favourite artists live again and part of the package was to meet him. I’ll try not to make this too soppy or long but Dermot Kennedy is one of those people that makes the world a better place by being in it. His music is an inspiration and helps me get through more difficult days yet it also accompanies me on good days.

With love, Marie

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