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Top tips for a first-time visit to London

We all know the feeling when we’re travelling somewhere for the first time, it’s a mix of nerves and excitement. We want to be prepared but leave room for spontaneity. I hope these tips help to be a bit more relaxed before your trip.

Below you can find my top tips for a first-time visit to London:

Don’t forget about your international passport

—> I know this might seem like an obvious one, but due to Brexit travellers from Europe cannot enter without an international passport. For Belgium, I know that it costs around €70-80 euros and you have to go to the town hall to enquire. Make sure that you leave enough time for the admin, since it can take up to a couple of weeks to get sorted. Another thing to keep in mind, your passport needs to be valid for over three months after the start of your trip.

Use public transportation or your own two feet

—> it is so easy to be persuaded by one of the many black or colourful cabs around London, but don’t fall into its trap unless you have some money to spare. Unfortunately like most metropolitan cities, traffic is an absolute nightmare. On a sunny day there is nothing better than exploring London on foot. The TfL website is easy to navigate and you can check your journey beforehand on one of the online pdf tube maps.

Take advantage of the many different places in London with free entry

—> Even though London is known for being expensive, don’t let it put you off. Most of the city’s museums are free to visit. If you can spare a few pounds, a donation is welcome but it’s not mandatory. Of course, if there are special exhibits they might require an entry free because they’re for a limited time only. There is something for everyone, for art lovers there is Tate Modern. The British Museum is a must for history buffs. And for families with children or people obsessed with dino’s you have the Natural History Museum.

With love, Marie

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